Counter Block Like a PLC

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I am started in this, I usually schedule with PLCs, and I need to make a pulse counter block, but I fail to define the variable with a rise or decrease flank.


Var.count_1 = 0
Var.count_2 = 0
Var.Habilitacion = 0

If (Var.habilitacion >= 1)
   Var.count_2 = Var.count_2 + Var.count_1



When var.counter_1 is 1, the application does not count from 1 in one if not in several numbers with respect to the PC scan.


The difference in the application that will use an input as an accountant instead of a variable.


Var.count_1 = CO_0 for exaple.

Thanks for the attencion. 

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A couple things:

1) I recommend against using var. notation.  This is left over from very old ( > 15 years) releases of DAQFactory.  Instead use variable declaration.  So:

global count_1 = 0
global count_2 = 0
global habilitacion = 0
   if (habilitacion >= 1)
      count_2 = count_2 + count_1

2) you have an infinite while() loop without any delay.  This script will use a lot of CPU power, most of which will be wasted.  I suggest adding at least a delay(0.01) before the endwhile.

As for the rest, the script looks fine.  It will loop forever and whenever habilitacion >=0, it will increment count_2 by count_1.


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