Accelerometer and LabJack Code

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I am trying to use DAQFactory to create a code for five accelerometers hooked up to a LabJack. I am struggling to make a start because there aren't any example codes out there for accelerometers on DAQFactory that I can see. Do you have any tips or basic codes to help get started in setting up the accelerometers on DAQ? 

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To DAQFactory, an accelerometer is just a data value, a number, so really I think your question is how to properly connect the LabJack to an accelerometer and then how to tell the LabJack how to read it?  If so, then I would start by looking on the LabJack website as this is more about their hardware (for example here:, but then feel free to post more questions here.  I will make sure LabJack support sees this post as well.

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