FOUNDATION FIELDBUS in DAQFactory Applications


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Most fieldbus protocols, by their name, are designed to allow field devices to connect to each other and not so much designed for a PC to connect to it.  They usually have specialized hardware requirements and thus require a special card on the PC side.  That card is typically proprietary, and as such does not follow a standard API, making it impossible to just say "we support Foundation Fieldbus".   A very similar example is CANBus.  That said, you can, technically use a DLL provided by the Foundation fieldbus PC card manufacturer within DAQFactory in most cases.  You also may be able to go through a transport layer converter (i.e. Fieldbus to Ethernet or Serial), or even a protocol converter, or possibly an OPC server, or simply use a PLC that supports Foundation Fieldbus and then connect DAQFactory to that PLC using a more well known protocol like Modbus.  Truthfully, in 30 years of automation software I have never heard of Foundation Fieldbus so it is either relatively new, only used on the field side (i.e. not connected to a PC), or just not that widespread so I can't offer much more.  More common fieldbus protocols are things like EtherCAT (which runs on CAN) and of course CAN itself, Profibus and others.

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