The Data is missing the Value is not comeing


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Dear Sir,


We use the DAQ Factory program to collect data from the field.

We are adding the equipment in the field, part by part.

We had no problems until the attached A4V12 program.

Data readings from analyzers added after program A4V13 started to arrive very late for gateway1


There were 18 devices connected to gateway 1, we added another gateway  ( gateway 9 ) to divide them.

But same.


When start to program like below




After hours, it starts to look like this:



We can read any register from any of the devices connected to this gateway when we read it directly with the Modbus program. ( ModScan32.exe ) 


We can also read directly in the reading program we prepared in DAQ. ( MODBUS OKUMA.ctl )


You can see this situation in Excel records  ( A4_Elekitrk.csv ) as follows



  • After some time pass Most of the data is coming, but some data is not coming
  • When we read this data that does not come alone, it comes directly and we can read this data.
  • But when we read the entire system, some data does not come and these data that do not come may be random.
  • We cant find any problem could you please check and give us some solition


We made many attempts but we couldn't get it right, why?

How can you help us?

And if it possible we can show to our these problems with you by Teams Online meetings.


If you have questions*, I can try to answer them.

*our network structure, gateway details, equipment registers etc.


Best regards





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It appears you have 8 gateways, each with a unique IP address, however, all your channels are on the same Timing/Offset.  This means that DAQFactory will read Gateway1, then move to Gateway2, then to Gateway3, etc, until it gets to Gateway8, then it will repeat.  If any of those gateways are slow or timeout, it will cause the data interval to slow way down, especially since you have a timeout of 5000 (5 seconds).  I recommend two things to fix this, especially #2:
1) unless you are using a radio (which it actually appears you are), set your timing to 1000.  This is a minor issue.  For radios, then a Timeout of 5000 makes sense.  But if you are connecting directly over Ethernet to a device, if it doesn't reply within a second it probably isn't going to reply at all.
2) Put all the channels for each gateway on a unique Timing / Offset pair so that DAQFactory can read them concurrently.  So, for example, all your Channels for Gateway1 should be at Timing = 1, Offset = 0.  All the channels for Gateway2 should be at Timing = 1, Offset = 0.1.  Gateway 3 should be Timing = 1, Offset = 0.2, etc.  Make sure all channels on a single gateway have the same timing / offset.
If you do #2 you will see a significant improvement in the timing of your data.
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