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I have 2 USB key. One of them stopped working. Red LED of USB key turns on, when I insert the USB and I see CBUSB Ver 2.0 in device manager without error but it doesn't work.

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I downloaded MARX Analyzer and clicked "Start Diagnostics" for my 2 USB key. In detected hardware section, format of my working USB key is "MPI". Format of the other USB key which has problem is "Unknown" and it has yellow exclamation mark on it. Could the problem be related to this?

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It is possible that the key is damaged, but first make sure you have installed the latest Marx driver.  It is the CBUSetup file listed right after Marx Analyzer on their site.  If that doesn't help and analyzer doesn't find the key, then it might be dead.  These keys are pretty durable but like anything, they do occasionally break, especially given the environments SCADA systems are typically run in.  If you find that it is dead, please email us at support@ so that you can order a replacement.

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