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Welcome to the new AzeoTech website. In addition to a different look and feel, we have added a forum for more community involvement, and a more integrated ecommerce site that allows you to retrieve unlock codes and invoices for future purchases from the myDAQFactory section of the site. We will be continually expanding the site to include more detailed information, tutorials and walkthroughs and samples to help you learn about DAQFactory.

In addition, this section will contain the blog from our main DAQFactory Guru, which I guess is me :) I will try and share various tips and techniques, plus helpful stories from support calls, and maybe the occasional rant on technology and how it applies to data acquisition and supervisory control. Instead of using actual blog software, we are using the forum to host this blog. This will allow you to post comments or questions pertaining to my writings using the same tool as the rest of the forum. I look forward to a healthy conversation with all our users!

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Dear People at Azeotech,

Congratulations with your new webside it looks amazing good and fresh, I hope it has the same "power" then DaqFactory.

Best regards,

A happy DaqF user,

Johan Holstein

The Netherlands, University Groningen

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  • 3 years later...

The site is great, but I have to say that the "Print this page" option needs some attention as it is much too colourful to be useful as a printout.

If I print in B/W only the code snippets are legible and in colour I would use up all my ink just on the background (Beige or whatever it is) colour ?

An all white background with questions and comments in black and code snippets in blue would better (even for the colourblins amongst us)

Thankyou ;)

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