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You have two choices actually:

1) You can use the File. functions (File.Open, File.Write, etc) to write the header, and then use a logging or export set to fill in the data to the same file (after doing File.Close) appending to the end

2) You can use the File. functions to do everything.

I personally prefer the second version. It requires a slight bit more scripting, but it gives you the ultimate in control on how the data looks.

Company logo is the one thing you can't do because your are writing to a text file. If you want a lot of graphics and fancy formatting, your best bet is probably to use a third party reporting tool that automatically pulls in the data from your logging file and generates this fancy log. Its not really a log if it has a logo and more a report since it would then not be in a format that another program could read. It'd have to be in say PDF format.

You could also go into Excel I suppose using DDE, but this is slow performance wise and not worth the trouble.

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