Sequence causes DF to Error and close


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I know this sequence isn't correct, but I am just throwing anything at it in a "trial and error" style attempt to figure some things out....

But the upcoming sequence, when started, causes DF to abruptly error and pop up the "Send Error Report" window....

Again, I'm sure the sequence is incorrect, but as to why it is, I am not sure... :)

global Depth
global FeetToAdd

   FeetToAdd = (Feet[1])-(Feet[2])
   Depth = StartingDepth
   if (Depth > StartingDepth)
	  Depth = Depth+FeetToAdd
	  Depth = Depth

Can I add the beginexport/endexport in the if like that?

Trying to run the export file once every time the value is changed...

Any input would be great!

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Well, there is no reason DF should quit on you with that sequence. Lets start with this though: you do not need to do endexport(). The export set will stop automatically once it is done. I'm assuming your export set has a bunch of channels with [0] at the end to write a single line of data. So, first, remove the endexport() and see if that fixes it. Then try removing the beginexport() which will almost certainly fix it if removing endexport() doesn't. Either way, please post your .ctl doc, or send it to us via email if its not for public consumption.

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