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I am trying to use a StartUp sequence where I want to start another sequence on the quarter hour. To test it out I used the code below just to set it to a set minute a few minutes later than my present time. I started the application at 45 minutes but it did not wait until 9:58 before it produced the output line, it happened immediately

private string New

private Hour

private Minute




New=(DoubleToStr(hour) +"h"+DoubleToStr(Minute)+"m")




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Well, I'd actually do it more directly:

new = floor((systime() + 2*60) / 3600) * 3600 + 58*60


I left the simple math in there for clarity. Floor(x/y)*y basically rounds x down to the nearest y multiple. I'm rounding down to the hour point. I added 2*60 or 2 minutes so that if the time is > 58 minutes of the hour is will actually round up to the next hour. Then I add 58 minutes to the hour to get the right time.

Its usually better to just do math on the time itself since its in seconds.

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