DaqFactory slowing down PC after long time running


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I notice that when I have had DaqFactory running for quite some time (days, reading inputs via Modbus every 30 seconds) it slows PC response. Daqfactory logging is kept to time but it takes ages for any mouseclicks in DaqFactory or other applications to have an effect (severals seconds). If I close DaqFactory and start it again it works fine.

I am using Windows XP - fully updated, DaqFactory is V5.74.


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System slowing is usually either some sequence that is grabbing lots of processor power, or you running out of memory. So:

1) look through your sequences and see if any code blocks will kick in after some time and use a lot of CPU power. You can also look the task manager to see how much processor power is being used

2) memory issues: again look at task manager and see if you are running out of memory. If so,

a) look at your logic and make sure you aren't making some huge arrays that grow over time

:lol: upgrade to release 5.80. Actually, I'd do this first as its the easiest thing to do. It looks like we fixed a bug that caused gradual memory usage in the serial monitor / command alert window. It was fixed in 5.77.

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