Changing Time Axis Grid


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I'm currently evaluating the demo version of DF. I am quite impressed.

I created a two hour trend and set the Bottom Axis Time Width property to 7200 and have the Style property set to Date + Time. I'm scanning data at one second.

I want to increase the frequency of the major and minor tics, but when I change Major Tick Spacing and Mnor Tick Spacing nothing happens.

Can someone help me out?


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Couldn't he make a slider component, set it to a channel, under the time width on the graph multiply 60*sliderchannel, and then move the slider until he finds a nice looking grid?

I have done this to achieve the properly spaced looking grid, and for the use of "sliding" the chart back to see past values.

I also set the slider range at a value above zero, so it defaults to my "default" grid look.

Hope this helps. :)

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