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Here are a couple of features that I'm not sure if they can or will be implemented, but would be nice (in my eyes atleast :P )

1.) An Event Tab on V.Channels. Would like to do a couple if() statements on my V.Chans instead of having to make a sequence for them (not sure if there is already an easy way to do this).

2.) More condensed tree menus in the workspace area, as like it is, categorized alphabetically, but under each letter. My V.Chan list is getting insane, having A, B, C, ect... drop-downs would clean it up in there, possibly for the pages area as well.

3.) An updated symbol factory. The symbols need a nice re-vamping imo. Nice "Vista like" buttons and gfx would be awesome.

4.) The algorithm for the winning lottery numbers. :P


Possible other suggestions -

5.) A community driver support page in the forums. For those custom drivers that are a pain to make! (I need some help getting digital out to work. :P )

6.) A complete .pdf of the help files. I'd like to have a print-out of the help section. (Can this already be done?)

7.) Maybe a post in the General DF section of books you have found useful in your programming endeavors, ones that would benefit the efficient use of DF.

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1+2) actually it amazes me that customers still use V channels. They were initially designed for variables, but then we created real variables. I'd love to hear how you are using it so we can come up with a better solution. Often we design something for one use, and then customer's end up using it in very different, but creative ways

3) we're on it

4) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. This has just as much chance of winning as any other combination. If you've ever watched deal or no deal, I've always wondered why someone doesn't just pick them in order as the odds are the same.

5) the forum is probably the best place for that.

6) the help file is available in pdf form. It is in the DF directory and called usersguide.pdf. It is also available from the start menu.

7) Experience is better than any class or any book. I really only use books as a reference because I simply can't remember all the syntax details and API calls across all the languages and platforms I work in. Effective programming is really just a way of thinking. Unfortunately, most language specific books (and most are) spend too much time on using the IDE and the syntax of the language, and don't discuss how to think like a good programmer. And the more general ones, like Code Complete, Writing Effective Code, and Xtreme Programming, may be a bit more than you need. However, I think Code Complete, Writing Effective Code, and maybe even Xtreme Programming might be helpful. There are others too. They all talk about style and writing scalable applications. A lot of the details might be more than you want, but if you just scan it you may pick up some good ideas. Just don't get bogged down with the details, or trying to understand everything. If you don't understand it, it probably doesn't apply.

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