problem wtih runtime mode


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I open program in daqfactory, it is openning in runtime mode. but you can see connections,pages,file, edit etc.(see pic 1.jpg).

then from file I press to switch to runtime mode program ask me password for switch to develpo mode(see 2.jpg). I enter password and program switch to develop mode and everthing is OK.(see 3.jpg)

I open a lot of program in my computer all program working correctly. but in this file there is a problem.

also in my customer PC same like in pictures.

what can I do?




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In the Windows shortcut you use to start the runtime document, you have in the "Target" entry something like this:

c:\daqfactory\daqfactory.exe c:\daqfactory.myruntime.ctl

Add -r in the middle:

c:\daqfactory\daqfactory.exe -r c:\daqfactory.myruntime.ctl

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it is not worked.

also I open a new file and try this;

1-From file I select "switch to runtime mode" then program switch to runtime mode.(see 1.jpg)

2-then I press f4 (see 2.jpg)

3-I press again f4(see 3.jpg) menu bars is open also.

4-I press to file(see 4.jpg)

5-I select "switch to runtime mode" then program is ok(see 5.jpg)

what it can be?






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I think its a small bug, but it only appears some of the time, rarely in fact. I'm not sure what the trigger is, maybe if you have a development and runtime license on the same machine. Do you have a hardware key inserted. -f will always fix it, because it doesn't let you out of full screen mode.

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now programs give error after one hour. I format windows again. but it is not working also now. and my customer is complaining. in task manager Daqfactory not responding. after ı wrote to you above error it will do that. and now I must fix it.

ı use Daqfactory several project. I see first time to do that error. Now it is a big problem for me and my customer also. that system working very important place. and it must work porperly.

please help me. I try in 5.84 but it is same problem. and I must fix it a way.

ı am waiting your reply how can I fix it...

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