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I just wanted to ask about a couple of questions about the web server function!

Firstly, is the web server function avaliable only on DF Base and Pro/Developer? Runtime licences aren't capable of this function?

I tested the web server and it seems to work! But I can't access html files remotely!?

In the manual it says:

"....standard Web server for viewing HTML

documents, stored images, or downloading files. To enable this, you will need to

define a path to the directory you want to make available over the Web."

I defined a folder on my PC and made a html file, but I cannot connect to it through DAQ Web Server.. Where did I go wrong?

Syntax of the *.html file is OK (I tested it)..I just can't access it..

Like, when I write:


I get a blank page with no source code!

When I write the DAQ page name:


I get the *.jpg, which is OK..

Please help, because I would really like to test this!

Thank you

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The built in web server is not included with Base but is included in the runtime if created with a development version that supports it.

As for HTML, you have to specify where the files are in the web settings dialog.

Also, FYI, you do not need :80 if you are using port 80. :80 is assumed for http. The examples in the help show the non-standard :88 which would be used if you had another web server running or simple as slightly more security.

Note also that the built in server really isn't secure enough to be accessed from the Internet. It's really for LAN access only. For Internet access you should consider daqconnect.com or use page.capture() and df's FTP functions to push screen shots to your own external server. DAQConnect is by far the better choice.

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thank you for the quick reply..but you said:

"As for HTML, you have to specify where the files are in the web settings dialog."

I'm using the trial version (just for testing purposes for now) and I did what you said I should do!

I chose a folder (c:\DAQFactory\webpage), copied my *.html file inside it (index.html and other) and started DAQ! No files could be accessed! I could only access DAQ pages *.jpg-s..

Please help!

Thank you


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I don't know. It worked perfectly for me. Maybe windows security settings? I'm not sure. If DF can't get the file, it will definitely return a blank so this is obviously the issue, but I had no problem having it return a file that existed. PS: I would not use 808 as your port. If you want to use a port other than 80 or 88, use something > 1024. Everything else < 1024 is reserved for common protocols.

Post or email your .ctl doc if you still can't get it.

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  • 7 months later...

Can I ask what you changed Sid?

I am having similar issues as I can access DF pages fine, but not my *.html files...

I would message you but I think it's disabled on these forums. :)

(Sorry for bumping an old post)

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