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In your manual it is stated

Sequence.SequenceName.Running: 0 or 1 on whether the sequence is

running. A sequence called from another sequence is not considered

running. Only a sequence that has been started with Begin Sequence in its own

thread is considered running. Read only.

Is there any way to know a sequence started fromanother sequence is running?

Typically I have a StartUp sequence that sets a series of global values and constants especially for the timing of my data export sets (this means that to change the frequency of the logging I only need to change it in one place - my StartUp sequence), then it starts a series of sequences which align the log period on the intervals required e.g. one is set to every 15 minutes, from this the actual Log sequence is started. I also have polling sequences which can stop if the sequence encounters an error during operation and these are also started from from StartUp sequence. My idea was to have a continuous sequences that checks to see if all the appriopriate sequences are running, if not it will start them but because of the restriction above I cannot test to see if they are running.


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The docs I think are slightly confusing. When we say "A sequence called from another sequence", we mean a sequence called as a function:


as opposed to a sequence started from another sequence using beginseq:


When a sequence is called as a function, only the root sequence is considered running. However, when you use beginseq() you are starting the enclosed sequence in its own thread the same way you would by selecting Begin Sequence from the workspace, so in this case you CAN using the .running variable. I would assume from your description that you are doing this.

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