Peak Markers and Thaw


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Is there any way to have more than just A & B peak markers?

Say maybe 10 markers for 5 peaks? (C1 - C5 gasses, yea I know, you told me this was tough a long time ago calcing peaks and areas, but I'm up to the challenge! :) )

Also, I saw PeakArea...How can I read that into a variable?

And last but not least, I see a X & YAxisFrozen function, is there a Thaw function?

Would like to make a button to "Thaw" the charts instead of having to right click/thaw all.

Thanks for your infinite wisdom!

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There are only the two markers, but you could create your own by plotting some global variable array that contained just the marker positions and making that trace plot with Points instead of lines (you'll probably have to use a different axis. As for peak area, if you are going to implement your own markers, you might as well just calc the peak area yourself. Its quite easy. Just do:

sum(trace[markerATime, markerBTime]) - baseline


baseline = abs(markerATime - markerBTime) * (markerA + markerB)/2

This is the trapazoidal area under markerA/markerB

Finally, X/YAxisFrozen are not functions, they are variables. Set them to 1 to freeze, 0 to thaw.

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