Problem:Page limit still 2 after buying Starter Version

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Bought a LabJack U12 that came with DAQFactory Express. Started with Express version for a week and then needed more so bought a copy of Starter.

However, when I load my old program it still wont let me add a third page. However if I start a new program it starts with three blank pages.

So how do I get around this - I don't want to have to draw and program it all again. Just a new page 3 needed. The other bits extra features like more components to add Gauges, Compassas, Graphs, etc etc are all there as they should be -- just not the extra page I need.



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Sorted ! I found another post from Dec 2009 with same problem and a solution offered was to install a trial version of DAQFactory on ANOTHER pc and then open your 2 page document from their, ADD a new page 3, SAVE AS a new name (for safety), and then open that one back in your DAQFactory Std edition (that has add page greyed out).

Did that and got it back up working yesterday.

Thanks - I really like DAQFactory and the help from both AzeoTech and other users is most welcome. The express version I got with my LabJack got me going but it was really worth upgrading to Std just to get the extra controls.

Anyway thanks for the offer.



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