DAQFactory not going into Runtime mode when passworded


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Me again. I upgraded my DAQFactory Express that I got with LabJack to DAQFactory Starter.

Under DAQFactory Express I had set a Document Editing Password so that when I or the students loaded the document again it correctly went into Runtime Mode as explained in the manual with editing controls not available.

HOWEVER, I wanted the extra controls and screen of the Starter Edition so I have now upgraded.

DAQFactory Starter loads my old documents and I have spent hours and hours upgrading and adding bits, but now I can't get it to go into runtime mode when I put the document editing password on it.

I want to protect my nice layouts and scripts etc from out students fidling around. . . [the actual password setting in DAQFactory Starter works in that it needs me to enter the old one to change or clear it] but DAQFactory is not obeying it and going into runtime.

I read the manual and even tried the command line option -R but that did nothing either. The -F went into full screen so I guess I was putting it in the right place just before the filename of the document you want loaded.

How do I now get Runtime for my documents please?



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Starter doesn't support Runtimes. Express shouldn't either, but looks like we let that slip... It doesn't support runtimes because if it did, people would just buy the $45 Starter and use it in Runtime mode rather than pay the proper $99 for the runtime license. I know that's not what you are trying to do, but that is the reason.

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