Can we do any controlling through DAQ connect


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I am using DAQ connect and ue9 pro and collecting data and sending it to DAQconnect.

Will it be possible to do any control action from DAQconnect if some threshold is exceeded.

Like making DAC output to 2 volts if threshold exceeds on some channel.

Also i want to check, whether it will be possible to send an email if the parameter exceeds some threshold through, DAQ connect.

Kindly guide me how to do this.

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You can do manual control through DAQConnect, but not automated control (i.e. change something based on something else). For automated control you should use DAQFactory. You never want to do automated control through the Internet, no matter what solution you use. The Internet itself is too slow and too unreliable.

DAQConnect will be adding alarming capability shortly (email when a parameter exceeds a value, for example).

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Emailing through DAQ Connect would be something I could use right now and is a great idea.

Are you able to elaborate more precisely on when this will be rolled out?

Another useful feature would be if an email could be sent if the data hasn't updated for a certain duration.

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