Throw to screen component?


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Hello GURU!

Is it possible to send 'throw' information to a screen component, such as a variable value, or an LED component?


if (data == 0)
   throw("There is no data")

So that I can see the message "There is no data" on my screen?


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Not directly. You could create a string Test channel to hold these messages and then use a table or variable value component to display it. Or if its just one thing, you can use a descriptive text component with an expression of data == 0 and a blank string for 0 and "There is no data" for 1. Really there are lots of ways to do this sort of thing, so the question for you is, what do you want it to do?

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Would an inline if solve this issue?

Just brainstorming.

Oh, sorry to jump off subject, but the latest newsletter looks interesting!

Dot matrix printing and DF training?! Maybe I can get my boss to ship me up to Oregon. <_<

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No, because, persumably, we want to build up a list of various alerts.

However, yes, if you just wanted to display some text if a data == 0, you could do: iif(data == 0, "There's a problem!", ""), or you could use a descriptive text component, or you could use the visibility parameter of a variable value or descriptive text component, or, or... etc. There are lots of possible solutions depending on what the end goal is. That's why I often recommend when asking questions to specify what your goal is, rather than ask about some specific syntax or algorithm.

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