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is there any script that could send a status report to twitter.

the idea is that non critical but operational events could be tweeted rather than emailed. this would enable more users to see what the factory is doing without regular account maintenance on the daqfactory server.

I have thought of using one of the email to twitter email services but would rather have daqfactory send directly if possible.

any thoughts ?


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Have been doing some research twitter does have a REST interface. up until august it would have been a simple task to update via this interface.

but now security has been increased and the twitter api uses a oauth authorisation method this looks quite a complex task to implement this.....

any ideas ??? this would be an excellent thing to implement and worth the effort as any alarm or condition could be sent as a tweet or indeed a tweet could be displayed as a screen message.

I am an electrical engineer not a programmer so I think I will need a little help with this.

all information is available from twitter on the oauth interface

any ideas or help gladly received.


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I'm not really sure what the end benefit is though. If you want an SMS, just use DAQFactory's email to email your cell SMS email (usually phone Number @ Maybe its just that I don't use twitter, but perhaps you could tell me what the end goal is, without referring to twitter (i.e. I want to get alarm info on my cell, instead of I want to post to twitter so I can see it on my cell).

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Our email server is Microsoft Exchange and only supports OAuth2. For the moment I'm just using Gmail instead, but it seems they are also standardizing on OAuth2; I had to manually enable "unsecure 3rd party access". If you don't send any emails for a while (about 24 hours it seems) then they automatically turn it off again, and I can't send anything. I suspect their long term view is to phase it out completely.

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