Graphs, trends should be update

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Is it possible to develope Graping, trending, and Alarms in Daqfactory in the next update like other scadas?

I could not use Daqfactory in my projects because of these problems.

If these parameters will be simple like in other scadas, we would be thankfull.

Or, could you please give some more examples about them to the forum.

For two days, I am trying to solve QuickModPro graphs.

Thank you,

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In other scadas(siemens, honeywell, allen bradley scadas) you can just select 5-6 channels and colors to one graph, thats all. for two days I am trying to do a graph like QuickMod Pro but still have problems.

I have many projects to use scadas, so I chose Daqfactory because of the low price.

until now, I used only two daqfactory to my clients, and turned back to other scadas because of the graphing.

before, to each client we could use high price scadas. but when you have many projects to one client of course, you should think economical scadas.

When you look the forum of the graph, everybody has the same problems like me.

the problems are scaling, tracing and slider to see the trend of the last weeks and pringting does not exist in a simple way. two months ago, I saw the 5.84 edition and Quickmodpro graph. And understand that it was available to do graphs like other scadas and give my decision to use Daqfactory.

but, for two days playing and changing sequences of the quickmodpro to understand some codes.


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