Logging from ODBC

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Hi, New user here, so take pitty

I need to connect to an Excel file, that gets writen to everytime a Chromatograph makes a run.

We have it set up to calculate Total gas, from how much C1 to C5 is present/

So, My question is, Do I write a sequence, and then use SQL, Select command to get the Cells in excel that I


Just How do I do this?

So, far, I have-set up ODBC in Administrative Tools-Settings to find the file.

I Think I write a sequence, but do I make channels, that I need from this chromatograph excell sheet?

using the Select lanquage from SQL?

Do I write script, like Select C12? Where C12 is the data in C12 of the ODBC that I need?

But , How do I then make C12 equal to the channel # that I need to log-under logging? And where in DAQFACTORY do I do that? Expressions?

This is important for me, because I need to accomplish this to get my project going,and to show

to Customer that I can get this done.

Or, should I go the device route, and try to connect to the Chromatograph program(That receives data and puts it into Excell with a separate program Called ****-name a secret) using the Devices-subroutine of DAQFACTORY?

I need to get this online using DAQCONNECT, so he can see realtime chromatographs from the field ASAP.

Also, to get my project going, I need to put time on the Y axis, and Gas value-channel on the X axis-how do I do this?

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