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I had done 8 project with daqfactory in same company. Daqfactory is connecting to OPC server. and OPC server has 3.000-4.000 points.

And Company is asking to me to collect all data in one main computer. that means 25.000 points in daqfactory must be run.

1-is there any easy solition for that.

2-What will be daqfactory performans for 25.000

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We typically say that DAQFactory is designed for 3000 tags or less. Its not that it can't handle more, but simply that the organizational tools are not available in the normal UI to handle more tags. That said, it is possible to do many more tags if you know what you are doing, but I'm not completely sure that applies to OPC based tags. Really it depends on what you are going to do with those tags. If, for example, the 25000 tags are actually 250 devices each with the same 100 tags, then you probably can pull it off. You could use a single set of screens to display data from any of the 250 devices. If, however, the 25000 tags are all different devices requiring custom screens, I think you are going to find it hard to manage 1000 screens in DAQFactory since there is no facility for grouping pages into subfolders.

So, what exactly is the goal of putting all these tags into one computer?

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You can thing like that;

1-Every device connected to 3-4 machine.

2-Every machine have 30 points.

3-it will not be 1000 screen. because all machine are almost same. only variable on screen will be change.

4-My customer whats to see all machine from one computer. olny to see temperature, run/stop, set points etc.

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Might be doable. Again, managing the tags might be an issue. Is the OPC server on the same machine, or on many machines? Another possibility is to keep DAQFactory on multiple machines, but then have a single copy of DAQFactory running on a machine that pulls in the data using Connections from the others. This will help in the organization because each Connection has its own group of tags

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I tried to managed with Connection.

But on remote daqfactory. I do in sequence;

global temp

global tempset etc.

and I am checking user which page is displaying. if it is device1 that means;



And on screen showing global temp,tempset etc.

But on main computer. I can see all channel with value. also seq. are ok. but global values not showing. (I choose also IP conneciton as default connection).

Is there any way to get global variable? if there isnt, it will be big job to rewrite everything wit hnew way,

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