Multimonitor Functionality

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Today I discovered what had been mentioned some time ago in the Forum: DAQFactory is not well-designed for the handling of multimonitor installations (

I my case, opening in Safe Mode and Full Screen with an AutoHide Taskbar in W7, about the only way to exit DF was to Alt-Tab to a Desktop window I chanced to have open because it was impossible to start Task Manager - the Taskbar was inaccessible, and the System Menu was not visible at the top of the DF window to access Minimize or Restore operations.

There are probably keyboard shortcuts to handle this issue, but it is 99/99% certain the end user will not know them.

EDIT: Workaround: Use CtlEsc shortcut to bring up the Start Menu & Taskbar | R-Clk on the DF Window icon on the TaskBar | Select Close option

So - Feature Request: Improve multimonitor handling in DF.

Pleeeze :)

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That's actually not a multimonitor issue, but rather a full screen issue, and it should be pointed out that most people using full screen actually want to keep people from quitting DAQFactory and getting to the OS.

Anyhow, you can easily add a button to your pages in DAQFactory to allow your user's to quit. Just give it a quick sequence:


Also, Ctrl-Space will get you to the System Menu for any program, but as you pointed out, most people don't know all the shortcuts.

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