Several Direct Access File Functions Are Not Documented With "File." In Front Of Their Names


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Just lost significant time trying to understand why using the syntax documented in the DAQFactory Users Guide for FileOpenDialog would not run.

Several file access functions in the section "9.9 Direct file access" are not listed with the "File." prefix.

Since many others are, it is easy to get the impression that certain of these functions do not require the prefix.

Searching the Forum did locate an valid example, but the Guide should be the primary resource and the Forum only a second source of documentation.

Still, a great product, and happy to help out by reporting detected anomalies!

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Hmm, not sure how that was missed. Its often hard to catch things like this internally because we know the program so intimately. It also says at the top that all functions start with "File.", but who reads the top?

Thanks for pointing it out. I've made the correction and it will appear in the next release.

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