Labjack U12 Cnt Channel No Reset

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I am using a Labjack U12 with DaqFactory (latest release) and have a rain gauge connected to the CNT channel. I set up a channel with a timing of 5 seconds.

The problem is that every time this channel is read the counter is reset and then misses the next count as per this from the Labjack U12 user manual

2.5 CNT

The input connection to the 32-bit counter is made at screw-terminal CNT. The counter is incremented when it detects a falling edge followed by a rising edge. This means that if you reset the counter while your signal is low, you will not get the first count until it goes high-low-high. In situations where this first count is important, you should simply substract the initial count from the final count, rather than doing a reset.

How do I just read the CNT channel in DaqFactoiry without resetting it.

I have been using these for several years now with DacFactory and must be having a brain fade because I am sure I have done it before.



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