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I am trying to write strAlert data to an export file but have been only semi successful.

In my StartUp I set  global string dispmsg = strAlert and use this in a table component. This seems to work well but if the operator does not note the messages they are gone when the application is closed. I have been able to append dispmsg to my export file with the following code in my message sequence but I get between 50 and 10k lines for each mesage. I want one line with time stamp in my export file for each displayed message.


     global string dispmsg = strAlert
     private handle = file.open(Export.Field_Data.FileName.Snapshot,0,1,1,1)




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You need [0] after strAlert since strAlert holds up to the last 100 error messages. Also, you have a loop without any delay.  This is going to use / waste a lot of CPU power.  Consider adding a delay(0.05) before the endwhile


That all said, I recommend considering the OnAlert() system event described in 5.28.  This is called whenever an alert is generated.  You can then put your logging code in there.

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