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I'm using DaqFactory to control pumps, valves, etc. of a small biological reactor. And, I've also a transmitter box (Liquiline CM448, Endress&Hauser) measuring pH, T, etc. connected to the same computer via an ethernet cable. Unfortunately, I'm struggling reading the data from the transmitter box in DaqFactory.


The communication protocol of the box is ethernet/IP. Does it mean that I have to create my own protocol to read the data? And how difficult is that? I'm quite familiar with DaqFactory, but I've now experience with communication protocols.


Would it be easier via Modbus TCP? Endress&Hauser sells Modbus TCP licences for their transmitter boxes?



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Ethernet/IP is a pretty complex protocol and is not supported directly from DAQFactory.  You would have to use an OPC server for it, and those are typically on the order of $800 per seat.  It is unlikely you could write a custom protocol driver for Ethernet/IP in DAQFactory unless you were a very good programmer and had a bunch of time.


I would definitely recommend switching the device to ModbusTCP or ModbusRTU (485).  DAQFactory supports this natively so you wouldn't need to do much of anything complex.  It should be quite simple.

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