Modbus Comms Through Ip-Serial Converter


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I am using a lantronixs Ethernet to serial converter that has a modbus protocol converter in it. we have used it on numerous jobs now with no problems.

However i have one project where eventually the comms hangs up and will not recover. i just get port locked on everything. as soon as i restart Daqfactory it all starts working fine again.


any ideas of either curing it or a means of resetting the port.





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Next time it locks up try reinitializing the port.  You can do it in script or at the command alert with:




or simply open the configuration window for the port and then click OK.


Does the lantronix unit you are using work without the protocol converter (I'm assuming its an ModbusRTU->TCP converter)?  If so you might consider just going direct since DAQFactory can talk ModbusRTU over ethernet.

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