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I want to smooth my graph by using an N-sample rolling average.  In a variable value, I'd just enter


which works fine.  Graphs understandably look at channel history differently than variable value components, but I've been unable to find a syntax to generate a rolling average in a graph.  In addition to the above, I also tried subsetting by time (unsure of how the graph would interpret systime(), whether in the instantaneous sense or as seen from a certain location on the axis:

Mean(MyChannel[Systime(), Systime() - n + 1])   // or whatever the desired sample count converts to delta-T

I'm pretty sure it would work to create a second channel, each of whose values is a rolling average of the one I want graphed, but it seems cleaner (though probably less processor-efficient) if there's a way to do it from the original channel on the fly.

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You want the smooth() function in your graph expression:


smooth(myChannel, n)


That does a running average where each value is the average of the last n data points.  Use one of the boxcar functions if you'd prefer to reduce the number of data points into boxcars instead of a running average.


Mean() always returns a scalar for the given dimension.

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