Resetting The Potentiometer Value To Zero On Screen Button Push

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I am entirely new to scrpting and DaqFactory hence my questions are very simple comparing with other subjects discussed on the forum:


  1. What i am trying to do:
    I need to create a button with possibly quick sequence that will reset the potentiometer position reading to zero so partial piston stroke is shown.
  2. I have a linear potentiometer that already displays the position of piston through a simple conversion.
  3. I have an absolut readout from potentiometer shown on the graph already.

Thanks for any help on this.



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What you'll want to do is create a global variable to store that zero position.  So, create a sequence marked Auto-Start and put something like this:


global zeroPoint = 0


Then in the Quick Sequence for your button, and assuming the channel reading the potentiometer is simply called "pot", put:


zeroPoint = pot[0]


Then, whenever you want to display the adjust value, do the subtraction, so in a variable value it might be:


pot[0] - zeroPoint


and in a graph:


pot - zeroPoint

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