Accessing a global variable/Component property over a quick sequence not possible.


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I am trying to use a global variable to save the state of a component.
The variable is set during the initialization to default value.

There is a button which should call following quick (toggle) sequence when clicked:

    if (my_global_Var = 1)
          my_Var = 0
          component.myComponent.BackColor = RGB(212,212,212)
          component.myComponent.BackColor = RGB(212,212,0)

When clicking the button I always receive the same error message:
C1070 Not enough parameters for the given operator:  Line 1 - Unable to perform quick sequence action

Line 1 contains following code: if (my_global_Var = 1)

The same problem when creating a property for the component or creating a virtual channel for saving the value globally.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Best regards


Line 1 contains following code: if (my_global_Var = 1)

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