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I am using a BUTTON component to select pages.

I would like the button color to change when I am on the selected page.

I tried using Page.strCurrentPage = "MYPAGE" in the button component by adding it in a  second action in the button component but I cannot figure out how to get the color to change.

Any sugestions???



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Is the button visible on all pages?  It'd only make sense really if it was.  Anyhow, use a single quick sequence to change the page and set the color.  Something like:

page.strCurrentPage = "Page_0,Page_1"
BackColor = RGB(255,0,0)

The first line sets the page, in this case it is overlaying two pages, one (page_0) with the button on it, and the other with content the button selected.  The second line sets the button color.  Since its running in the Action for the button, you don't have to specify which button you want.

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