Email or SMS Msg for Portlock error


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Hi Guru,

I have setup the DF with control a PLC for continuous testing which would last for two weeks. During the test DF has the Modbus Port Lock warning every now and then, and sometimes completely locked down the port (as shown in the attachment) and pause the test. Is there a way that I can get an email reminder or text message if this occurs? I know we can use DAQconnect to observe real time data but not sure if realtime warning could be done?

Many thanks.



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You are likely getting port locked errors because you have different Offset values for your input channels.  

As for sending an email, you can do that in many versions of DAQFactory. Use the OnAlert system event to detect the messages going to command / alert.   You'll want to add some logic so it doesn't send you an email with EVERY message, or you will get inundated with messages.  


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