Single Channel possible?

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This is my 1st post

I am new to DAQFactory and am not a programmer so please excuse any silly questions / ignorance

I have a Channel with set register I/O

I am using a variable value component with a set to action

when my page 1st opens no value appears however once I click and set the value the value is displayed as expected

I can display the initial value if a set up another channel with a read I/O

is there a way to display the initial value by only using 1 channel I/O of set register?

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That is because on startup DAQFactory doesn't know what the value is, and DAQFactory doesn't like to do things automatically (such as go out and read the register on startup) because in SCADA systems that could cause problems.  So, you have to manually initialize it.  If you have a corresponding input channel you can do something like this in your startup script:


Change the names of course for your channels.  Use addvalue() on the output channel so DAQFactory doesn't actually send the value to the device, just insert it into the channel history.

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