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Newbie here so apologies for this simple Port Locked issue

I have simple 4 channel Relay which I am testing by toggling on and off each relay then displaying  its status and displaying a valve component etc

If i turn off the 4 input channels by setting timing to 0 I can rapidly toggle the 4 relay buttons with no errors

If I set the timing to 1 for the 1st relay and rapidly toggle the relays I get spasmodic port locked errors

I think I have identified where the issue is - at 20:13:08.014 the output Channel tries to write in between the input TX at 20:13:08.001 and the RX at 20:13:08.049

Which Channel parameters do I need to change to fix this?

I have been reading both the forum and help and I am now very confused as to what I need to do











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Baud rate 9600 - needs to be this low as I have a number of different types of equipment for the project and for some this is the max so I have set all to 9600 to make it easier for me

Timeout is set to 685ms - I set this after trial and error to get the lowest without timeout errors on any of the comms with all different type of equipment


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Fire up the comm monitor and check the box labelled "display time of tx/rx".  Then look at the time difference between Tx and Rx to determine what the reply rate is the device.  Its possible that the device is quite slow and that's using up your timeout, not leaving space for an output.

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