Newline character in strings

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I used a Static Text component as a variable value display for some long strings, can't remember why.  I think it was that I wanted to center justify and line wrap and the variable value display wouldn't do that.

Now I'm using that technique again, but in this case I want to control the line breaks, which I didn't need to in the other application.   Is there a control string that I can embed in the string?  \n and \010 don't work, they just display.  "MyString1" + chr(10) + "MyString2" works, but seems like a control character would be nice if available.

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No, there are no control characters available for that.  Its nice for programmers that are familiar with it, but throws non-programmers which make up a significant part of the DAQFactory user base.

I personally create a variable to hold my CRLF:

global crlf = chr(13) + chr(10)

(or global lf = chr(10) if I need that)

then my concatenation is a little cleaner:

"MyString1" + crlf + "MyString2"

I'll typically split it too:

var = "MyString1" + crlf

var+= "MyString2" + crlf

var+= "MyString3"

Its marginally slower, but you can see the line breaks better in the script.

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