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we have Pressure transmitter with own  Bus communication 

we have several thing we are not understanding . 

1.why we are sending X and getting back X+Y when it should be RX only Y the serial monitor  we are getting an response but when we try to read the Dataoutput its include only the data we sent 

Tx: \001\073\001\080\214
Rx: \001\073\001\080\214\001\201\032\136\119 

2.when we are sending the data manualy but config as ModbusRTU we get the right response 


but because its not really modbus we are getting an eror whole trying to get out the data


here is the Protocol that we wrote and not working well 
private crc = 0xffff
private  raw

private string dataout=(chrA({001,073,001,080,214}))
global string Ta=AscA(dataout)


you can see keller attached protocol we need to read parameter 1 in order 73



Kommunikationsprotokoll Serie30 V3.2.pdf

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Good.  Actually I pretty much never use the user serial protocols unless I need to create a protocol that I will use across multiple documents.  It is much easier to develop protocol code in a sequence.  In fact, even if I expect to create a user serial protocol, I'll still develop it first in a sequence to test it, then migrate it over.

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