HTTP.get() to retrieve html.


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Is it possible to retrieve HTML code from the HTTP.get() function?

I am trying to get weather data that is on a HTML page, not an XML. no matter what i do, i cant seem to get the data out of that page.

the string i want to retrieve from that page is : <span id="current-temp-value">19</span><span class="current-temp__unit" id="current-temp-unit">°&#8200;C</span>

from the weather sample, i am using : l1 = find(response, "< + span + id=" + tag + ">",0), and every other possibility between the "".

the error i get is C1000, channel not found.

Could you please tell me where i am going wrong.



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1) you have a comment in line 39 that isn't marked as a comment.  Its outside functions in the class, but still will have unpredictable behavior.

2) for some reason you commented out l2 at line 42.  Then you go on to use l2 in line 45 and 46.  This may be where you are getting the C1000 error since l2 never exists.

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