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2018 Update?

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Hi  Guys,

Was wondering if there was a planned update of DF for 2018 and what new features might we expect>


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We actually don't like to do releases right before the holidays, so the next release will be in the beginning of 2019.  New features include:

 Fixed issues with serial devices appearing after deletion
 Added lock mouse movement so you can mark individual components to be ignored by mouse click, like background panels
 Added getPixel / getPixels to Canvas so you can get pixel values off the screen, primarily for examining webcam data
 png/gif support: LoadImage() function and imagePath variable, as well as load button on symbol component.  Transparency too.  Using PNG's instead of regular images will reduce the .ctl file significantly.
 Resize constraint (with shift) for images to keep aspect the same
 Page scaling.  Helps with printing too
 Page.screenwidth / screenheight variables so you can automatically scale to the screen size
 Display value and text no longer paint white background if align != 0.  Also, to do transparent, erase all colors.
 Visible parameter for graph traces so you can easily add a check box to enable and disable traces
 ComponentName variable for components, so you can have a component call a sequence function and pass its name.
 Keypad Plus/Minus cycles through graph marker traces.  

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I like the sound of those updates. Is there a roundabout time frame on the next update? And will we be notified by newsletter or do we need to check back from time to time?

Thank you.



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