Asking password before setting a component


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I am using an Edit Box Component and on click of Set button I want some script to run where I can ask for password, match the password and then set the channel value.

I can do it by just providing a normal text box and separate button which will run the action, it is more work as I have many Edit boxes where I want to implement something like that. Also one more problem with that is by using system.EntryDialog I can ask for password but it displays plain string and not '***', is there any way to make text in EntryDialog to be password type ('***').


Or, Is there any other efficient way to do the whole process which I am trying to do because I have multiple set components.


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First, you might want to check this post I made about using Edit boxes:

At present there is no way to make EntryDialog cover passwords.  You'd really just have to create your own popup window with a password edit box and a nice function to call it.

As for the first part, you might try using the OnChange event of the Edit Box.


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I have already implemented it using OnChange event.

I'll try to do everything in a pop up as said in the link with some valid reasons, thanks for the link.


Also, I would like to know, is there anything similar to 'this' keyword in Daqfactory? because it can help to keep the code clean while writing a function similar to this.

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There is in the next release, which will probably be in January.  It's not quite "this" as that returns a pointer, but rather a string that returns the component name, called, appropriately, "ComponentName".  So you can pass this to a common function, then use execute() or evaluate() to access the component by name.


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