convert hex to decimal on temp sensor.


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hi there

i bought a cheap and nasty temp/humidity sensor a few months ago and have been struggling ever since to wrap my head around the instruction manual.

i need to change the station address from 1 to 3, and to receive the information in something i can understand. i have used many hexdecimal to decimal converters but still cant make any sense out of this.

is it possible to help me please and convert the hex?

attached is the manual for the sensor.



Temperature and humidity sensor modbus protocol (correctable temperature and humidity).doc

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Hex is just another form of a decimal number.  0x0f (hex) and 15 (decimal) are the same number.  Those docs simply show 15 as 0x0f instead of 15.  So it's not really a "hex" device, it just takes numbers.  The hard part for this device is going to be the CRC.  Its not particularly hard, but you are going to have to convert that sample CRC generation code into DAQFactory script.  You might see if there is a way to disable the CRC on the device.

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