Assigning device numbers to multiple Tx Labjacks?


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Yes you do, and they need to be non-zero (as zero is the "First Found" in DAQFactory).  The actual assignment has to be done in Kipling.  Then just put the desired ID in the D# column of the channel.  For the T7 over Ethernet you would not need to do this and can simply specify the IP address of the T7 in the D# column.

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See "Opening a Device" here:

DAQFactory's D# is the Identifier parameter passed to the open call:

"To specify an identifier, use a serial number, IP address, or device name."

With USB, serial number would be the common choice to pass.



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Just noticed this.  It seems we get notified of new topics, but no notification for any posts after that.

T series devices do not have a "Local ID" like our older devices.  Instead the identifier options are serial number, IP address, or device name.  You can edit the device name on the "Device Info" tab of Kipling, but does DAQFactory work with this string parameter?

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