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I've developed an application in version 18.1 before it went to beta because of the issues. I now need to roll it out to the factory. It won't run under version 17.1 and I have issues with development and runtime licenses on the factory PC. It seems to always start up in development despite me entering the runtime license code. It also says I'm running two versions of DAQ which I'm not. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing but it doesn't fix it.

Can the application be tweaked to work with version 17.1 as I'm not using any new features? Alternatively can the install be forced to run only one instance and as a runtime only version?

Thanks in advance

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I'm not sure about using an 18.1 doc on 17.1.  Usually this won't work.  As for 18.1 the issues aren't with the app itself but with the installer.  We had to renew our code signing certificate, which in turn now triggers Windows Smart Screen because, a different cert means that Microsoft thinks it is new software despite DAQFactory being available for a good 18 years.  We will thus be updating the download site to allow for 17.1 and 18.1, but 18.1 will have the warning that SmartScreen may appear and challenge the install.  This will go away with time, once Microsoft figures it out, but we don't want to scare new users with a SmartScreen display.

Until that time, you can get the 18.1 download by copying the 17.1 link and simply changing the 17 to an 18 in the link.


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Do the problems you describe explain why whenever DAQFactory starts up on this PC it thinks there are two versions of it running (although there isn't)? It also seems to always start up in development mode despite me entering the runtime license info. As this is now on the shop floor I only want it to start up in runtime. Is there no work round? I'm happy to run version 17.1 but as I developed the app in 18.1 it won't run in 17.1. Could I install 17.1 on my development PC along with 18.1 and copy and paste everything over to make a 17.1 operable version of my app?

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The two versions issue you can eliminate by going to File - Preferences and selecting "Disable 2nd instance check", though truthfully I thought we eliminated the whole 2nd instance check in 18.1.  It has nothing to do with SmartScreen.

It is starting in Development mode because there is a development license.  You can force it into Runtime by going to File - Document settings and entering a document editing password.  This will cause it to start in Runtime and require a password to switch the document into development mode.  Make sure you remember the password!

Yes, you could install 17 and 18 concurrently.  The easy way is to install 18, then rename DAQFactory.exe to, say, DAQFactory_181.exe, then install 17.1, which will create a new DAQFactory.exe  Then run one of each.  I do this all the time and have several releases of DAQFactory on my workstation.

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