DAQFactory version 18.1 is no longer on the downloads page


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Yes, but it will come back.  We had to renew our code signing certificate, which in turn now triggers Windows Smart Screen because, a different cert means that Microsoft thinks it is new software despite DAQFactory being available for a good 18 years.  We will thus be updating the download site to allow for 17.1 and 18.1, but 18.1 will have the warning that SmartScreen may appear and challenge the install.  This will go away with time, once Microsoft figures it out, but we don't want to scare new users with a SmartScreen display.

Until that time, you can get the 18.1 download by copying the 17.1 link and simply changing the 17 to an 18 in the link.

I should add that except for this silly SmartScreen issue, 18.1 is fine to use.

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