ODBC-Sql Server String Value problem


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When I tried to read data from SQL server with ODBC. Int values reading OK. but On nvarchar(50) values I am getting NaN. Also on Table is showing "???"

how can I solve the problem.

sqlqr.ReceteAdi column is nvarchar(50).


global dbase=db.Open("Deneme")

//qr = DB.Query(dbase,"Select * from dbo.Receteler")
global sqlqr = db.Query(dbase,"Select * from Receteler")


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Thank you.


But I have problem read sys.Tables with nvarchar type. I need to get all table name for checking somethings. How can I do that. As I see daqfactory is support varchar types. but on that system column I can't change the type.

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I believe NVarChar is for unicode.  DAQFactory isn't compiled for unicode, and so even if you could read this field type, it wouldn't look right.  Do a search on the web for converting NVARCHAR to VARCHAR inside a query (SELECT).  For example, I quickly found a database forum that shows a CONVERT() function, as well as a CAST() function.  I have not used these, but they, especially the cast() look quite promising.

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