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I'm working on a DAQ application with a pro dongle license. The problem I'm having is that DAQ just closes every few minutes or maybe up to half an hour or so. There are no messages, or prompts to save work (which is annoying as I keep losing work). I've tried moving the dongle to different USB ports to no avail. Would you have any suggestions what it might be/what I should look for. I've seen some posts mention memory leaks but I've watched the memory in task manager and everything looks stable. I've attached my application for your reference.


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It won't be the dongle.  If you remove the dongle, DAQFactory will issue a warning to put it back in.

Your attachment didn't come through as a valid rar file.  You can try emailing it to us instead. 

A full crash with no prompt is unusual, and won't be a memory leak issue.   In the meantime, try loading one of our samples or use another document and see if it crashes.  Then we can tell whether it is specific to your application or not. 

If it is specific to your application, then it is possibly a device issue, and I recommend ensuring that you have the latest drivers for any hardware you are using.  The other possibility would be a blown stack.  This would occur if you wrote script that inadvertently calls itself, either directly, or through other script.  This causes a rapid loop and blown stack and is something that DAQFactory cannot recover from, and can't even display a crash message for.  If I was to guess, the most likely way you might accidentally do this is if you have a Channel Event that calls some function, which in turn sets a value in that channel, which then triggers the Event again, etc.

If it crashes like that on any of our samples, then it is likely an installation problem, and I'd delete the DAQFactory folder and reinstall. 

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Thanks for your quick response.

This has generally been running as a runtime without problem on another PC in the factory. I'm now adding some more stuff. My development computer died and I've replaced it but I can't see how that is related. I'll email you the file and try out some of the samples. TBH it seems so random. It's been working OK for a couple of hours now but keeled over in a matter of minutes a few times before that. What's the best email address?

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