Pin not properly configured for analog/digital

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I start DAQFactory with a specific LabJack U3-HV and receive the following error message


02/06/20 18:40:13.402
D0050:00:0016 LabJack Device #0 error: Request made on pin not properly configured for analog/digital

The Labjack is setup with two Dig Out channels: 6 and 7 (screenshot attached). What is DF trying to tell me? Is my LabJack broken? Is DAQFactory broken? 

(This is DAQFactory Base 5.87c Build 2050 running on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I would upgrade all of this, if it was permitted.)



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Found a related topic (using external search engine). Since it's an error coming directly from the LabJack, I closed everything and launched LJControlPanel, then Reset the device. This seemed to resolve the problem DAQFactory was having setting the pin configuration. I am no longer receiving this error and am able to set Dig Out channels OK. 



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Are you getting the message once, or over and over again?  DAQFactory will automatically set the pin with the channel, but only after it fails once because it doesn't know what the pin is currently set at.  You can resolve this by setting the pin direction in LJControlPanel and writing it to the LabJack flash as the default setting.

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