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So I have 3 digital outputs set on DF linked to Labjack (Pump, Solenoid 1 and Solenoid 2)

Initially the pump is activated with a button on the DF page. If solenoid 1 and 2 are not active for a minute (just an example), I want to be able to turn off the pump with a timer (1 minute). If either of the solenoids turn on while the pump is off, I would like the pump to turn on again. Do you have a solution to this scenario?

Any assistance is appreciated.

See below the section of my rough script:

if ((Up[0] == 0) && (Down[0] == 0))     //if solenoid is OFF for more than a minute, turn off pump

         starttime = systime()
tim = systime() - starttime                                              

         if (tim >= 60)                             //1800 seconds = 30mins * 60sec

                                                            //60 seconds = 1min x 60sec
APump = 0                            //turn OFF pump command    


         tim = 0
starttime = 0
APump = 1




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There are a number of ways to do this depending on the details of your desired logic.  Probably the most reliable is to have a global variable that indicates the desired pump state (on/off), then have a sequence that monitors this and the solenoids and acts accordingly.  The button would change the global, not the pump directly.  Here's the code, assuming you have created and initialized a variable called "APumpHOA" and your digital channels are Up, Down and APump.  I'm going to make APumpHOA a Hand, Off, Auto switch.  You can just use the off and Auto for off and on if you don't want a Hand state (force on).  APumpHOA = 0 is off, 1 is hand (force on) and 2 is auto.  This sequence should always be running:

private autoOffStartTime = 0
      case(APumpHOA == 0) // off
         APump = 0
      case (APumpHOA == 1) // hand (force on)
         APump = 1
      case (APumpHOA == 2) // auto
         if (autoOffStartTime == 0)  // not in "off" mode
            if ((sum(Up[systime(),systime()-60]) == 0) && (sum(Down[systime(),systime()-60]) == 0))  
               // both pumps off for the last minute
               autoOffStartTime = systime()
               aPump = 0
               aPump = 1
            if (Up[0] || Down[0]) // one of the solenoids came on, so reset
               autoOffStartTime = 0
               aPump = 1
               aPump = (systime() - autoOffStartTime > 60)

That should be about it, though of course I can't test.  Note that after 60 seconds, the pump will start back up, and stay running even if both solenoids remain off.


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